State Advance Directives

Family is Important

It’s the reason we feel a responsibility to guide our children, respect our parents and support each-other. Losing a family member can be devastating – leaving a, once stable support system, emotional and overwhelmed. This is why estate planning is such an essential step in life. Should anything happen to you or someone you love, it is a way to leave your knowledge behind and to help your loved ones navigate through all the careful planning and structuring of your life.

Should you pass unexpectedly, who do you want your estate to benefit? And who do you trust enough to be it’s guardian? These are just a few of the important things you need to think about when filling out your Advance Directive. This is a document that will specify your wishes for medical treatment should you be unable to speak for yourself or maintain the mental capacity to make decisions regarding your physical well-being. This often includes a living will, a document in which you can stipulate how you would like your estate to be distributed amongst those who survive you.

Once the documents are completed, it is important to register them with your local court house. This can be done in person for a small fee. This is so the authorities have a record of the deceased’s wishes and also ensures the document’s safety, should you ever misplace your personal copy. Below you can find the necessary documents for your state to begin this critical process for yourself and your loved-ones.

Advance Directives