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At the Financial Education Partnership, we supply educational workshops which generally take the form of a one-hour course held at a local college, library, or community center. These classes run for about an hour, with the educator staying to answer any questions afterwards. We have found the classroom type setting to be ideal, encouraging participants to ask questions throughout. The feedback on our workshops has been phenomenal, with 90% of our hosts re-booking after the first event.

Our workshops are solely for educational purposes. The Financial Education Partnership does not endorse or promote any specific business, products, services, professional firms, or individuals. The purpose of our workshops and individual support is to provide practical recommendations to enable individuals to take charge of their financial wellness and overall goals.

If you’d like to coordinate a workshop for your organization or workplace, please contact us.

A Golden Opportunity to Roth Convert & Re-balance

  • COVID-19 has created a massive tax opportunity we haven’t seen in decades!
  • Engage in a candid 1-on-1 with the area’s foremost Roth Conversion Practitioner
  • Discover the silver lining following Market Corrections
  • Uncover Top Secrets that Wall Street doesn’t want you to know

How COVID-19 is Changing Estate Planning Forever

  • Learn how the rules of the game have changed
  • Uncover the new normal with planning your retirement
  • Taxes now? Taxes later? Find out how to avoid tax pitfalls
  • Reduce your chances of running out of money with this one powerful tool

Is Your Social Security at Risk from COVID-19?

  • Find out the answer to the BIG question: Is Social Security at risk from the Coronavirus?
  • Engage in a candid 1-on-1 with one of the industry’s foremost Social Security experts
  • Learn how to maximize your Social Security benefits
  • Uncover the three most common mistakes when filing Social Security that could cost you tens of thousands!

How COVID-19 is Changing Estate Planning Forever

  • Learn how the rules of the game have changed
  • Uncover the new normal with planning your retirement
  • Taxes now? Taxes later? Find out how to avoid tax pitfalls
  • Reduce your chances of running out of money with this one powerful tool

Protecting Your Estate from COVID-19

  • Where are these two trillion dollars coming from anyway?
  • Learn the historical effect of taxes and inflation on retirement
  • Discover how protect your estate from running out of money in retirement
  • Find out how to avoid the unintended consequences of poor planning

Retirement Planning in the Aftermath of a Pandemic

  • Keep your retirement accounts safe from a pandemic
  • Uncover key strategies to tax shelter your retirement from the government
  • Learn how to plan for taxes and inflation increasing after multi-trillion dollar government bailouts
  • Consider changing your mindset on Social Security and estate planning strategies in an unknown future

Stock Market Crashes for Dummies

  • Understanding market corrections
  • What triggers a market correction?
  • What to do during market volatility
  • Consult with a professional
  • Find the silver lining
  • Stock market math

10 Steps to Financial Freedom

  • Find your “money view”
  • How to create a budget
  • How to get out of debt
  • Creating an abundance mentality
  • Saving and investing
  • Make a difference

Advanced Social Security Planning

  • How cost-of-living adjustments affect your Social Security
  • Breakeven analysis: should you collect at age 62, 66, or 70?
  • How are your benefits calculated?
  • How to collect IRAs & let your Social Security grow 8% per year
  • Delayed retirement credits: guaranteed 8% for 4 or 8 years

Breaking Down the SECURE Act:

  • Understanding the basics of the SECURE Act
  • How to use the SECURE Act to your utmost advantage
  • What does this mean for stretch IRAs and small businesses?
  • Learn the pros and cons and how they affect you

Budgeting, Relationships, and Life Events

  • Creating financial wellness
  • Financial wellness growth opportunities
  • 4 crucial financial issues to discuss in relationships
  • Life events that change financial plans and how to handle them

Charitable Trust & Tax Planning Best Kept Secrets

  • An introductory course for charitable trusts
  • Learn key differences between tax avoidance vs tax deferral
  • Uncover the secrets to tax harvesting
  • Understand three pivotal ways to do a Roth conversion

College Planning 101

  • Misconceptions about financial aid
  • Raising money
  • Types of aid
  • Financial aid vs. funding
  • Tips and tricks
  • The payoff

Enhancing Financial Strategies

  • Macromanagement
  • Financial planner
  • Financial superstitions
  • Expect the game to change
  • Knowing when to abandon ship
  • Where to next?

Federal Benefits 101

  • Why & what federal employees need to plan for
  • Basic options for insurance
  • How to calculate my pension
  • Retirement eligibility guidelines
  • Common mistakes made in the TSP

Federal Benefits Best Kept Secrets

  • ChFEBC advisor
  • What tax bracket will you be in at retirement?
  • What makes us so special?
  • The rules of the game
  • Exit strategies
  • Free insurance
  • TSP, catch-up, and loans
  • CSRS voluntary contribution

Federal Insurance Programs Unraveled

  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Social Security supplement

Federal Leave & Earning Statements

  • How to interpret your statement line-by-line
  • Selecting the proper options for benefits
  • Managing your tax withholdings
  • Where does all my money go?
  • Hidden opportunities within your paycheck
  • Disability and Social Security

Financial Missteps

  • Not thinking ahead
  • Neglecting debt
  • Forgetting your estate plan
  • Reckless tax management
  • Relying on the internet
  • Lack of an exit strategy

Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

  • Budgeting for change
  • Retirement horizons
  • TSP Planning
  • Benefit Planning
  • Exit Strategies

Financial Protection After a Security Breach

  • Warning signs that your identity has been stolen
  • What to do if it happens to you
  • Protecting your identity
  • The difference between credit freeze & fraud alert

Financial Transitions

  • Reasons for career/job transitions
  • Placement resources
  • Can I, or when can I, retire?
  • Lining up your benefits/insurance options
  • Choosing new benefits (weighing the options)
  • Rolling over your 401k -vs- leaving it at your old employer
  • Taking control & ownership of your finances
  • Understanding your retirement plans & what they are worth

Getting Financially Fit

  • Managing cash flow
  • Tax Planing 101
  • Financial roadmap
  • Overcome what decreases your income
  • Optimizing investment plans and saving
  • Estate intro

Holiday Spending

  • Setting expectations
  • Budgeting
  • Building a naughty or nice list
  • Hidden holiday costs
  • Best practices when spending

Intro to Real Estate

  • Understanding mortgage options
  • Location, location, location
  • Real estate as an investment
  • First-time home buying
  • VA/FHA Programs
  • Tax Benefits

IRA, TSP, & 401K Rollovers

  • Consolidating assets
  • IRS section 525
  • Accessing your retirement accounts for
    current needs
  • Saving/avoiding taxes
  • Leaving IRAs behind/stretch IRA

Leaving Your Legacy

  • Dealing with death and estate taxes
  • Will and trusts
  • Probate and your estate
  • Choosing an executor
  • Lifetime giving exclusion
  • Unlimited marital deduction
  • Tax-free inheritance

Maximizing Your Financial Plan

  • Macro manager
  • Financial planner
  • Common financial myths
  • The rules of the game are changing
  • Exit strategies
  • Where do we go from here?

Medicare Basics

  • Medicare Part A
  • Different plans/supplements that are available
  • Individual part coverage
  • How to navigate Medicare Part D
  • Financial responsibility under Medicare

Mitigating the Cost of Long-Term Care

  • LTC by the numbers
  • Federal LTC program
  • Activities of daily living
  • Qualifying for low/no-cost coverage
  • LTC insurance alternatives
  • Medicaid planning
  • LTC during retirement

Money Smart 101 For Small Business Owners

  • Banking
  • Record keeping
  • The benefits of benefits and options for your employees
  • Tax saving strategies
  • Organizational types

Mortgage & Real Estate Planning

  • Managing investment properties
  • Leverage in real estate
  • Buying opportunity in a down market
  • Buying vacation and retirement homes
  • REOs, foreclosures, and short sales
  • Real estate inside your IRA

Planned Giving

  • One-time gifts vs ongoing
  • Tax ramifications to families and estates
  • Using charitable trusts or charitable strategies for planned giving
  • Leaving a planned giving legacy
  • Benefits to you and your family

Pre-Retirement Planning for Federal Employees

  • States that don’t tax federal pensions
  • Jumpstart survivor benefits
  • How to calculate FERS/CSRS pension benefits
  • Roth & catch-up TSP
  • Health insurance for spouse and family
  • Social Security windfall elimination, supplement, and integration

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

  • How to qualify for the PSLF Program
  • How to apply
  • What is qualifying employment?
  • The types of Federal loans that qualify for PSLF

Retirement Planning

  • How not to outlive your money
  • Running the retirement marathon
  • How taxes and inflation impact retirement
  • Exit strategies
  • RMDs
  • Stretch IRAs
  • Long-term care considerations

Retirement Planning for Federal Employees

  • Where and when to retire
  • MRA calculations
  • TSP income options
  • Pension maximum
  • When to draw Social Security
  • Health insurance vs. Medicare
  • Federal Long-Term Care Insurance

Social Security 101

  • Understanding the basics of Social Security
  • How to optimize your benefits
  • Advantages of applying after full retirement age
  • How are your benefits calculated?
  • How cost-of-living adjustments affect your
    Social Security

Strategic Allocation

  • Planning your wealth for interest rate fluctuation, inflation, market volatility, & taxes
  • Using strategic allocations to meet your financial goals
  • Tax-Free, lifetime stream of income
  • COLA income

Taxes & The IRS

  • Where do our taxes go?
  • Do I need a tax advisor?
  • Tax avoidance
  • Tax-free savings
  • Tax-deferral vs. tax-deductible vs. tax-free
  • Why you shouldn’t wait to get your refund

Understanding Your TSP

  • Eligibility and limits
  • Allocation options
  • Roth vs. traditional
  • When rollovers and loans make sense
  • Retirement distributions