Roger Reynolds

Roger Reynolds is an Educator with the Financial Education Partnership, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Roger first started helping people in 1995 and has a passion for helping people improve their financial situations.  Roger is a highly sought-after financial educator and truly loves what he does.  Over the years, he has taught and coached the keys to financial independence to thousands of individuals, educators, advisors, and organizations.

Roger has received numerous awards for his abilities including several national awards.  He has been recognized for his membership in the “Elite Inner Circle”.  This is a very prestigious group of financial educators.  To become a member, you must prove yourself with extremely high levels of knowledge, ethics and success.

Roger lives in the Denver Colorado area, has been married for over 27 years and has five children.  He enjoys serving others in his community including having been a scoutmaster for many years.  Roger volunteers with his church and has also been on the board of directors for the Pianos for Students Society, a non-profit organization that helps provide pianos for low income families.  Roger loves to travel and spend time with his family.  He is soon to be a grandparent of which he is very excited about.