Michael Stokes

Michael Stokes is an Educator with Financial Education Partnership, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Michael began his career in the financial and insurance services industry in 1998. For twenty years he has taught individuals and businesses on financial and insurance planning. His firm specializes in financial planning, retirement planning, and income planning.

Mike excels in coaching his clients to understand how investments work in a personalized portfolio, assisting clients on how to prudently invest in the market, and how investing peace of mind can be accomplished through answering important retirement questions. He has written both newsletters and publications on issues dealing with financial planning, prudent investing, insurance preparedness, as well as estate and tax planning concepts. Michael has also spoken publicly on many of these subject for nearly twenty years.

A native to Southern California, Michael studied business finance at Long Beach State University. He worked for 13 years in a privately held family transportation business and was the Chief Operations and Chief Financial Officer until his career move in 1998.

Michael is happily married to Arlene, who is also his business partner and a Registered Investment Advisor. They have two beautiful daughters. He resides with his family in Orange County, California. His interests include, cycling, hiking, traveling and enjoying the outdoors.