Matthew Rose

Matthew N. Rose is an Educator with the Financial Education Partnership (FEP), one of the largest fastest growing financial education 501(c) (3) nonprofits in the country.

Matthew Rose has been a financial planner since 2000. As a son of a jeweler Matt’s attention to detail is impeccable. His beginnings helping the Unions members have a better fundamental understanding of the importance of financial education, gave Matt a diverse experience that propelled him into becoming a great financial educator.  Matt carried these skills on with him throughout his financial planning career helping thousands in their personal lives as well as many business owners in his community.

Matt has become an excellent listener and utilizes his years of experience and strategic partnerships he has created with other financial educators over 18 years to help pass the knowledge and experience on through his financial education classes. Matt believes in T.E.A.M work! (Together Everybody Achieves More)  What sets Matt apart is his ability to relate what is sometimes difficult information to understand, into clear, understandable, terms that anyone can understand no matter what their financial competency level. Matt has a passion for education and loves to see people learn. Matt has been a contributing author to several financial books such as Safe Money and from Zero to Hero and has donated countless hours to helping end the illiteracy of financial education in the communities he reaches.

Matt is a father of two daughters. He enjoys outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, sailing, climbing, biking, camping, archery, hunting and fishing, and watching the Vegas Golden Knights! He can be spotted around town riding his vintage motorcycle and go for walks with his wolf Koda.  Born and raised in Michigan, Matt moved out west in 2000 and built his practice in Las Vegas in 2006.