Kathy Jabour

Kathy Jabour is an educator with the Financial Education Partnership (FEP), one of the largest and fastest growing financial education 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Kathy was introduced to investing at age 16, when her father suggested she invest her first income tax refund rather than buy clothes as she’d planned. Fortunately, she followed his advice and 7 years later used the investment proceeds for a down payment on her first house. Out of that experience grew her distinguished career. In 1982 she joined her father in his financial services business and in 1994 she started her own firm.

Kathy is dedicated to helping people create more secure financial futures. Her mission is to help people effectively achieve three key financial goals: wealth accumulation during their working years, security and independence in their retirement, and the reduction of taxes when their accumulated wealth is passed on to their beneficiaries.

A gifted speaker, Kathy shares her knowledge of financial issues through public seminars and classes. Her dedication to helping others has led to a loyal, growing clientele. Away from work Kathy leads in an active life pursuing personal interests including gardening and cat and dog rescue efforts.