Jay Bhagat

Jatin “Jay” Bhagat has dedicated his career to helping those in their golden years understand the often-confusing world of retirement planning. He advises his clients on the big issues they face as they grow older, covering things such as the importance of estate planning, Medicare supplements and Medicare advantage plans.

Jay understands his clients in central Pennsylvania want to protect their homes and ensure their loved ones will be taken care of, allowing those in their 50s, 60s and beyond to enjoy life. With his help, they do just that. Jay holds seminars with local senior centers and elder living communities to give them the unbiased advice they need to plan for the future.

With his background as an insurance agent, first with Aflac and later with Aumiller & Associates, Jay has a deep understanding of the industry. He is licensed through more than 100 companies and has assisted more than 1,000 clients throughout Hershey and Harrisburg. He has expertise in sales, insurance, retirement planning, long-term strategic planning and more.

Jay received a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Penn State University, and he once worked for internet solutions provider VQC Designs. He uses that technical background to assist him in the sort of problem-solving that planning for retirement demands. Jay has supplemented his on-the-job training with licenses from multiple carriers in life insurance, long-term care, Medicare plans and more. He is well-versed in the state and federal assistance programs that can reduce drug costs, property taxes, income taxes and other financial burdens on his clients. Jay lives in Hershey with his wife and two children. When he’s not working, his hobbies include cars, guitars and working on projects with his kids.