Bob Schup

Bob is an Educator with Financial Education Partnership, one of the largest and fastest growing financial education 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country.

Bob has over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, teaching and guiding individuals through a wide variety of needs.

Bob is a double-major graduate from UVA with degrees in Economics and Communications.  His goal is to help people understand their own financial strengths and weaknesses, identify goals, then the solutions to reach those goals.  The roadblocks to achieving financial success vary per individual, and Bob takes time to convey these differences.

A true educator, he derives much personal satisfaction putting people in a position of knowledge so they can truly help themselves.   The world is getting more complicated, and this absolutely includes finance and investing!

Bob has been community and volunteer focused for well over a decade with his local church and extended family in Elizabeth City, just south of Chesapeake.  He enjoys taking a mentoring role with those in need, and is a go-to resource for many people who know him.    He is a trusted resource on a wide variety of topics and takes his ability to help people seriously.

Bob, his wife Tanya, 2 children and 4 pets reside in Elizabeth City, VA.  He enjoys spending quality time with his family, golf, fishing, and motorcycling.   When he is not doing these things, you might find him doing yard work, running errands, or cooking.