Thermon “Rick” Holliday

Thermon “Rick” Holliday is an educator with The Financial Education Partnership, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) non-profits in the country.

Rick has worked directly with business owners and entrepreneurs for 25 years. Upon completing his education at the University of California, he was initially recruited by the financial services industry.

He chose, however, to peruse a creative passion in media advertising. After a rewarding career in advertising, he refocused his interest in financial services by becoming a Retirement & Pre-Tax Benefit Specialist at another company.

He was soon recognized as a top performer in employee benefits planning (FSA, HSA, & HRA) and defined contribution retirement planning (401(k), IRA’s, Profit Share & Pensions).

Rick has provided plan design and benefit offerings to employer groups, CPA’s and entrepreneurs for several years. His decision to open a local office and become an independent agent, was based on seeing the need of individual employees and business owners for financial education.

As a former collegiate athlete, Rick enjoys fitness, traveling and watching sports.  The last of his three sons’ are currently playing College Football for Boise State University.  He also devotes time to his church as a Lay Leader and community as a youth coach.