Bobby Maggi

Bobby Maggi is an Educator with the Financial Education Partnership (FEP), one of the largest fastest growing financial education 501(c) (3) nonprofits in the country.

Bobby has worked in a family business for over 25 years and has been in the business of assisting people of all ages through the many financial stages of life. Bobby’s goal is to provide the education that federal employees need to make better informed decisions regarding their federal retirement benefits. Bobby is a Chartered Federal Employee Benefits Consultant and has completed over 80 FERS and CSRS Federal workshops as well as local seminars for federal employees.

Many federal employees would like additional assistance beyond the educational seminar, not only in understanding their federal benefits, but in consulting with a trained financial professional who can assist in identifying areas of concern in retirement and develop a plan to assist in achieving your long term financial goals. Bobby has a passion for helping people understand and navigate the ever-changing world of personal financial planning.

Bobby lives in Florida, married to his wife Anna for 40 years, has 2 sons Chris and Darren Maggi and has two beautiful grandchildren, Ryan and Addison. In his free time, Bobby enjoys football, baseball, hockey, and plays golf every week. After moving to Florida he attends Tampa Bay Lightning games but still is a New York Ranger Hockey fan.

You can take the man out of new York but you can’t take new your out of the man!